Fan Fiction: Leaf and the clouds chapter 3 a trap sprung

Leaf and the clouds chapter 3 a trap sprung

Leaf and the clouds chapter 3 a trap sprungAt the entrance to the mine there were two villagers that were not working as hard as the others, or at least that is what is what it would like to the uninformed observer. In reality Kurenai in Kiba were the two villagers, watching over the mine while under disguise.

"Are you sure we shouldn’t be at the mill?" Kiba asked.

"If all the guards were at the mill it would be an invitation to attack here." Kurenai replied

From a hidden location an arrow appeared and raced toward an unsuspecting miner. Kurenai lashed out with a shuriken cutting the arrow just before it hit it’s mark. Clouds began enveloping the area. Kurenai licked her finger and tested to see which way the wind blew. She looked upwind, for it would be the only direction that Kiba could not have smelled an intruder, and saw a man with a bow standing on a tree limb.

Kurenai readied herself before shouting "Kiba, run!"Kiba could only stare and wonder why Kurenai ordered him to flee. After wouldn't it be an advantage to have two people fight this unknown foe?

Kurenai glared at her student and repeated her order. Even bewildered by Kurenai's decision Kiba knew that during a mission his Sensei's words were law and he had no choice but to obey them.

"Trying to empty the battlefield of hostages, eh leaf ninja?" Yukio reached into his quiver. He looked around casually for another victim. Kiba had just turned his head making him the perfect mark. An arrow crackling with lightning flew at Kiba. With a glance Kurenai knew that Kiba had not noticed the arrow launch and to warn him of the attack would take a moment he could not spare and so she rushed toward her student pushing him out of the way of the arrow. It made a vicious scream as it hit the ground near Kiba before tearing a man-sized chunk of earth from the ground.

Kurenai's action was all the opening Yukio needed. As soon as Kurenai could refocus her attention on her opponent Yukio was mere feet from striking distance. He had unstrung his bow and was using it as a staff to attack Kurenai. Lacking time to dodge or use Jutsu for defense Kurenai raised a Kunai to block the blow. Electricity flowed through the kunai and stunned Kurenai with a sudden shock which left her reeling.

"Did you really think that an attack from a Jonin would be that easy to avoid?" Yukio sneered before delivering a finishing blow. Kurenai's form disappeared into a puff of smoke as Yukio's blow struck, he gritted his teeth knowing that was a simple clone an yet he fell for the ruse. His eye's narrowed as he scanned the surroundings for where his opponent would counter attack.

A shower of shuriken that came from every angle converged on Yukio. Seeing this he only closed his eyes to ignore the illusions he knew them to be and caught the real one between his fingers mere inches from his right temple.

Kiba had escaped to a safe distance in order to observe the fight between Jonins. Kiba noticed that the miners had long fled the scene of battle and the cloud ninja had taken no attempts to chase after them. It burned Kiba's pride to know that he could not take part in this battle but he had no choice but to obey Kurenai's orders. He squatted and fumed in the foliage until an can to mind. Perhaps Kurenai had intended for him to fetch Shino and Hinata so they could all fight this enemy together.

As he motioned for Akamaru to follow him Kiba noticed a firefly perch on his hand and start to blink in a steady rhythm. He stared at the bug for a long moment before asking "Hey Akamaru do you what this means?" who knew Morse code as well as Kiba did. He dismissed all thought of what it might mean before falling to all fours and running off to the mill.

Shino glanced warily from side to side, trying to see with his own eyes what his insects told him was there. Hinata stood next to him, her preternatural sight seeing the attackers lying in ambush from three directions. "Did you send the signal?" She whispered.

Shino nodded affirmative and they hoped that their comrades would arrive before they were overwhelmed.

Realizing that her attempt at an ambush had failed Fumi lashed out at the Kohona ninjas with a torrent of shuriken. Knowing that an attack was coming at any second Shino and Hinata dodged the attack with ease and the shuriken buried themselves in a nearby tree. Position given away by the attack she leapt from the bushes into plain view. Fumi's comrades followed suit tightening their ring around Shino and Hinata."Well done, well done." Fumi said clapping her hands " I wouldn't expect anything less from a member of the illustrious Hyuuga clan."

Shino brushed off the slight and gritted his teeth. It was obvious that these ninja's target was Hinata. "You seem to know who we are. Do you mind telling us who you are?" "I guess it is only courtious to tell you who your killers will be." Fumi beamed. "I am Fumi Hazaki and these are my comrades Tamaki Nyaoha and Hiroki Kumogiri." She said gesturing to the other girl and boy respectively. As soon as she finished the cloud ninjas tensed into fighting stances. "Okay Hinata" Shino Whispered "I'll take the chain boy and cat girl while you handle miss high and mighty in the pony tail."

Hinata's mind pierced the natural conclusion that Shino was simply being arrogant to realize that he was simply trying to delay the cloud ninjas. Still she fidgeted. A cloud on insects poured from Shino's sleeves and the cloud ninjas leaped back to avoid the assault. When she regained her bearings a second later Tamaki noticed Shino and Hinata from the corner of her eye and growled knowing that they had escaped the encirclement.

Hiroki only sneered for a second before loosening one of the chains around his arm and twirling it the way one would use a weapon. He swung the chain in a wide arc which Shino deflected by catching the chain in his hand. Hiroki only laughed as he pulled back on the chain and Shino to the ground, his hand stuck to the chain.

"What do you think of that? The Kumo in Kumogiri doesn't stand for cloud." Hiroki said before loosening the chain on his other arm. Hinata ran towards Hiroki in an attempt to thwart his attack on Shino. In response Fumi made a hand seal and the shuriken that Fumi had thrown earlier flew from their place in the tree to attack Hinata again. Hinata managed to dodge only by jumping away from Hiroki and Shino.

Insects poured over Shino's hand attempting to cut the bonds of chakra that glued his hand to the chain. He only was able to evade the second chain blow by mere inches with a defensive roll. Shino looked up to notice Tamaki in mid air, ready to pounce on him in a follow up attack. Dodging this blow would be impossible so Shino raised his arms attempting to lessen it's impact. It was then that Tamaki was hit with a gray blur that sent her hurtling across the battlefield.

"Kiba" Shino muttered as he stood up. Help had arrived.End chapter 3

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