Fan Fiction: Okayama's New Enemy

Okayama's New Enemy

Okayama's New Enemy

Still on the Soja:

“ Hey Kagato, Why should I listen to people?”

“ I don't know. Why?”

“ Because I bet that pretty soon you will be bossing me around, so here!” Shazuel said. He threw a power beam at Kagato, but missed him.

“Fool, you can't destroy Kagato!” Kagato thinking ( for now on ‘ means thinking)‘There's an inter-dimensional Tunnel!' “ Washu!” Kagato had found a inter-dimensional tunnel on a map. He knew that Washu is the only other person who can make them. “Shazuel~! Go over to that door and put a large spark on'” Kagato was pointing to the inter-dimensional tunnel that he made long ago that goes to a set spot. Kagato set the computer to Washu's.

“Fine!”, said Shazuel. And Shazuel went in and said, “What the?”, as he went in on a strait path to the tunnel.

“ Good Riddance!”

In an apartment in Tokyo:

“What's this place?” said Shazuel. He looked around to find nothing but a picture. The picture had a boy and a girl. “Aw, love? NOT CUTE! I had a girlfriend once! I hate her!” Shazuel then smashed the framed photo. A piece paper then came out of it. It had an address on it from Okayama. “Kagato sent me here to destroy. I will destroy this place!”

Back on Planet Jenbih:


“ Ms. Fugasawah, is Shaden skipping detention on purpose? He will get ten more if he misses tomorrow!” said the teacher.

“Huh? I thought he went to school today?”

“ I'm confused.”


On the road to Okayama:

Shazuel was blowing up things from cars to trains just to have fun.

“ Welcome to channel 3's breaking news! A monster is loose. He was first spotted in Tenchi Masaki's old Tokyo apartment. He now is charging on the streets blowing up things as I speak! Here's a witness.”

“Dude it was scary! I said, “Man, you need some help?” and he was like “roar”. Then he asked me which way Okayama was and I pointed him to west. Then he turned around and started running.”

“Thank you. Back to you Jeff!”

The Masaki Shrine:

“Okay Tenchi, that's all your training for today.”

“Thanks grandpa!”

Tenchi and Yosho were walking down the steps when all of a sudden “Tenchi! Did you hear the news!”

“Ryoko! Get off of me!”

“Fine, but a monster who calls himself “Shazuel” was found in your Tokyo apartment!”

“What!” Tenchi and Yosho both were paralyzed (anime style).


“Oh, no! Lord Tenchi come quick. We must prepare for battle against this creature:, said Aeka.

To be continued………

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