Fan Fiction: Mahoraba curse of Kero

Mahoraba curse of Kero

Mahoraba curse of Kero

It was the end of the school day and the students were filtering out the room. It was the time when students talked about their personal problems with each other at Seitankou. One girl today had a particular problem with Kozue Aoba.

"I am on to you. You think you can you can charm everybody with your goody goody act but I know better." Yui Said to Kozue. "I don't know what you are talking about, can't we just be friends"? Kozue said in return.

Yui Shinohara. She may be the vice captain of the tennis club but nobody, and I mean nobody has the right to talk like that to my Kozue, Tamami thought to herself. "You really don't know Kozue chan as well you think you do. She is really a nice person and you shouldn't be mean to her." She said, putting on the best smile she could despite her anger.

"Oh has her freaky little friend come to defend her?" Yui retorted. "I am not suprised since freaks tend to flock together." Yui turned to speak to Kozue. "You better not do that again if you know what is good for you." Yui then walked out of the classroom.

Tamami was livid. To insult her was no big deal but to yell at Kozue like that was unforgivable. She was a master at disguising her emotions and so it looked as though she was only slightly irritated. "Kozue chan are you able to get home okay because I have something I need to do?" Tamami asked.

"I can get home well enough" Kozue said showing signs of only minor worry from Yui's verbal torrent. "Ok I will see you soon back at Narutaki sou." Tamami She then slid through the door to do her errand.

Damn her. Damn that Yui. I had been classmates with her for months and I have yet to find anything incriminating to use against her. Dealing with this problem would require me to take measures that I don't normally have to, Tamami though to herself as she stormed down the hall down to the library.

"Member Tamami I haven't seen you in a long time, what brings you to club today" The president of the occult club said.

"I need a curse, the strongest one you have" Tamami said.

"Member Tamami, Curses are very dangerous and you haven't been to club recently so I don't think you are up to casting one." The club president said.

"I need a curse you no boyfriend demon worshipping freak." Tamami said. The class president clasped her hands and a look of rapture came across her face.

"Where are your curses you underhanded child scarring witch?" Tamami said. Overjoyed the club president skipped over to a dusty bookcase grabbed a book and gave it to Tamami.

The club president sure is weird, Tamami thought. Who in their right minds enjoys being insulted? Maybe I should introduce her to Yui but unfortunately their won't be that much left of her when I get through with her Tamami thought as she cradled the book of spells.

When Kozue got back to Narutaki Sou she was feeling a bit exhausted and depressed. It had been a long day, On top of which she had to deal with Yui. It might have been a bit better if Tama walked home with her but she had something else to do and that was okay. Walking to her room she saw it had been a good day for at least somebody, Asami was walking about the Apartments freely, looking as though she had finished her work for the day and not instead trying to find her mother Sayoko and drag her back to do her job.

"Are you okay, Kozue chan? You don't look so good." Asami asked. "Oh it's nothing, Asami. It has just been a tough day, that's all." Kozue Said.

"No no that won't do at all. This is a problem we must fix." A voice coming from behind Kozue said. Then Kozue turned around and saw Megumi standing right behind her. "And I know the perfect solution to this problem". Megumi said as she grabbed Kozue's hand and started walking.

The two stopped in front of Shiratori's apartment. "The perfect solution to Kozue's tough day is to have the Kozue cheering up party, Banzai!" Megumi yelled. Her cheer was echoed by another cheer coming from the fish pond and a half hearted cheer originating from under the porch.

Shiratori heard this and he was not happy. "If this is Kozue's party why is going to take place in my room?" Shiratori asked. "We can't have a party in Kozue's room since she is a girl and we need to respect her privacy and besides we all know that your room is the perfect place to throw a party." Megumi said.

As expected Shiratori only put up token resistance perhaps less than usual since he saw Kozue wasn't looking like her usual happy self. Before long a party was set up in Shiratori's room just like the parties that were set up in his room almost every night.

When it looked like the rest of the people there were distracted Kozue faced Shiratori and asked "What would you do if you if someone one at school didn't like you?" "I don't know. I don't really have any enemies. I sometimes have problems with my teacher but I don't think that is what you are talking about. Most of my problems come from people who think they are my friends. I found that if you try to be nice to person or give them something eventually they stop being angry at me. That would be no problem" Shiratori said as he eyed Megumi and Mr. Haibara drunkenly prancing about his room. "Why do you ask?" He said. "Oh it's nothing." Kozue said. She looked happier due to the party and Shiratori could perhaps forgive the disturbance this time.

One small thing still troubled Kozue. She never saw Tamami return home. Unbeknownst to all of them she was in her apartment working on something fiendish. Even if they did know none of them could have guessed exactly what is was although some strange colored smoke emanated from her window.

When the next day arrived it looked much the same as every other day. Asami went to school hoping that Sayoko would get some work done today. Shiratori dragged himself to school the best he could with the sleep deprived body he had from last night's party. Kozue had completely forgotten her problems at school.

However Tamami had not. Last night she had been preparing a special suprise for Yui. It was a special powder distilled using instructions in the book she got yesterday. In PE she managed to slip some of it into Yui's school uniform. All she had to do was wait for the end of the period and vengeance would be hers.

When PE was over and the girls changed back into their uniforms Kozue also had a plan to deal with Yui. When Yui closed the door to her locker she saw Kozue standing there holding a small bundle. "I don't know why you are angry at me but I brought you some Umeboshi as a gift." Kozue Said "I don't know if you…"

Yui slapped the bundle out of Kozue's hand. "You think you can get in good with me with your petty little snacks? Why would I want to be friends with a pathetic little ribbit like you" Yui said, strangely puzzled at what she said. "Oh yeah why are you looking at me like ribbit?" Something was definitely amiss.

Yui shot Kozue a look of anger as though her newly found speech impediment was her fault and then ran to a teacher. "Sensei Kozue she ribbit.." Yui said. "She ribbit?" The teacher said. "Yeah I was just minding my own ribbit and she." Yui trailed off. "Well missy I don't appreciate being made fun of. Take your problem to the principle." The teacher said. "But ribbit." Yui tried to protest. No luck the teacher was not going to budge. Yui headed down to the principle's office.

Kozue was completely stunned by the whole turn of events. She was shocked back to a sense of normality when she saw Tamami pick up the bundle of Umeboshi. "Cheer up Kozue chan." Tamami said. "I have a feeling that she won't be bothering you anymore." She continued. Kozue smiled. Tamami inwardly sighed in relief. That almost caused an onset of personality change and that must not happen while at school otherwise Kozue's reputation would be ruined. But everything would be all right now.

The rest of the school day was uneventful. When Kozue and Tamami left for home they saw a frog hopping down the hallway. Slightly puzzled Kozue knelt down and smiled at the frog. "Hero Kero san. What are you doing here?" She said.

Tamami picked up the frog. "Kozue chan it looks like he needs to be taken back to the biology lab. Wait her a minute please." Tamami said. After walking far enough away that Kozue could not hear her Tamami spoke quietly to the frog "Really now you have no one to blame but yourself, Yui. I warned you not to be mean to Kozue but you didn't listen." Tamami disappeared into the science lab and then walked out a minute later.

"Do you want to go shopping Kozue chan? I feel bad about not walking home with you yesterday and I want to make it up to you." Tamami said. " Yes that would be a great idea." Kozue said.

A while later the two arrived at Narutaki sou after an after noon of having fun. They were greeted by a very energetic Megumi although that was normal for her. "Hi Kozue chan you look like you had a good day today." She said. "Yes I had a wonderful time with ribbit." Kozue said. Both Kozue and Megumi were puzzled by what she had just said.

Tamami on the other hand was very frightened. "How could that have happened?" She thought. The sleeve of Yui's shirt must have brushed against Kozue when she slapped her. This can't be happening.

"Kozue chan I need to my um clothes to see if they need washing." Tamami said. "Oh you think they are dirty ribbit?" Kozue said. "I am not sure so I need to check them." Tamami said. Tamami headed off to her apartment.

The second Tamami entered the room she raced to the book of spells. "How do I reverse this spell? There must be a way." She thought as she rifled through the pages of the book.

About this time Shiratori had just come back from school. The party last night caused his work to be substandard and that caused serious problems with his teacher. All of this made him very tired. Maybe that is what made him puzzled at what he just saw.

Kozue was crouched down and was hopping like a frog instead of walking. She then saw a fly buzz past and with her tongue eat it. Her face puckered up like she was eating Umeboshi and then turned wrinkled in disgust.

"Who are you?" Shiratori said knowing that Kozue was prone to strange behavior due to multiple personalities.

"You know me Shiratori san. I am Kozue ribbit." Kozue said.

At that moment a door opened and Tamami came out. "Kozue chan could you please come to my room. Kozue was puzzled for a moment but then nodded in agreement. Shiratori was just speechless.

The two entered Tamami's room. "Kozue I have a suprise for you. I need you to close your eyes." Kozue complied.

In her reading Tamami had found out that the only thing that would reverse the spell would be a kiss of true love. Tamami knew that she would be the only person capable of doing it. After all no one loved Kozue like she did. The curse was all for her sake. Everything was for Kozue's sake. Tamami kissed Kozue.

Kozue fell back as though unconscious. The bells in her hair rang and her irises changed color from green to red. The first thing that she did upon regaining consciousness was to fix her hair into a ponytail.

"Why am I here?" Saki said. "You were trying to do something funny, weren't you?" Saki raised her fist and this a look of shock came over her as she saw that hands had grown webbing. Saki angrily hopped out of Tamami's room.

"How could that have happened?" Tamami thought. "This has just gone from bad to worse. Not only is Kozue not cured she is in Saki mode." She checked the book to see how she had messed up. When she checked the book she noticed a smudge in the sentence. Clearing the dirt off she saw she missed an import part of the cure. The kiss needed to come from a prince. Tamami thought for a moment. It would have to be Shiratori.

If Shiratori was puzzled at Kozue hopping along the hallway he would be utterly speechless at the sight of Saki bursting out of Tamami's apartment and then hopping down the hallway. "Shiratori I need some help from you." Tamami said. Shiratori snapped out of his daze. "What do you need Tamami chan?"

"It's a long story but I need you to kiss Kozue." Tamami said. "What? You want me to.." Shiratori muttered. "I need to do this, please." Tamami pleaded. This was highly unusual of Tamami to act like this. Normally she was perfectly composed and rather manipulative. She never asked for help like this. "I'll help you Tamami chan." Shiratori said. "But how are we going to do that? She is Saki now and most certainly won't agree to that." He said.

Tamami furrowed her brow. " It won't be easy but I think I have an idea." She said. "Just go find Kozue and I will back you up."

Shiratori walked down the hall and saw Saki hopping along. "I need to talk.." He said. "I am not listen listening." Saki said as she hopped a bit faster. "Please Saki." Shiratori said as Saki started hopping even faster.

All of a sudden a giant butterfly appeared before Saki. She was too frightened to notice that it was a fake butterfly attached to a fishing pole. "Normally I wouldn't do this but this is for your own good Kozue." Tamami thought as she held onto the pole.

In her shock Saki turned around and there was Shiratori. He was so close behind that she jumped on him and by accident their lips met.

A white light emanated from Kozue and she fainted. Shiratori carefully rolled Kozue off of him as not to cause a panic when she woke up.

"What exactly happened, Tamami?" Shiratori said. "Well to make a long story short there was a problem but you broke the spell." Tamami said. "Broke the spell?" Shiratori wondered. Kozue started to wake up. A door opened and Megumi peeked out. " I heard a loud noise, is everyone allright?" She said. "Yes I am feeling much better now." Kozue said.

"Well in that case we need to have a celebration of Kozue's recovery, Banzai." Megumi said. Her cheer was echoed by another cheer coming from the fish pond and a half hearted cheer originating from under the porch.

The party was a joyous affair. At the party Tamami looked at Kozue and thought to herself. "I guess everything did turn out for the best. I would do anything for Kozue, even if it means giving her away to someone else."

She was too lost in thought to notice Kozue speaking to her. "Don't you want to sing the next song with me?" Kozue said pointing to the Karaoke machine Megumi had rented. "I would love to." Tamami said. "It doesn't matter if Kozue falls in love with someone else because we will be friends forever. She thought to herself.

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