Fan Fiction: Ryoga travels chapter 1(Ranma 1/2 Fruits Basket crossover fic)

Ryoga travels chapter 1(Ranma 1/2 Fruits Basket crossover fic)

Ryoga's travels Chapter 1 The fourteenth animal?

This had to be the way back to the Tendo dojo. Ryoga Hibiki thought to himself. After all this does look like Tokyo. He looked up and then reached for his umbrella. If he was near the Tendo dojo he couldn't let Akane onto his secret. As he walked along he saw two high school students talking to each other. A boy and a girl. Ryoga quickly inspected the girl's uniform and was dismayed that It was not the one worn by Furinkan High students. He approached them to ask for directions.

"The truth is that I have been in love with your for a long time Yuki." The girl said to the boy. The boy, obviously named Yuki was a handsome young man. Handsome enough to be a prince. To Ryoga's eyes he even had a noble's look of contempt in his frustration.

"The truth is Miss Sanada I am not interested in seeing anybody right now." Yuki Said.

"How can you ignore my feelings? Don't you know that we were meant to be together?" The girl said.

"I am sorry but my answer remains the same." Yuki said. He was used to rejecting girls since they were constantly confessing their love for him, but this one had to be one of the most hysterical ones that he had met.

The girl ran of crying. Yuki sighed.

Ryoga had been listening to the whole thing, his anger quickly rising. It could no longer be contained.

"How dare you make a girl cry like that!" Ryoga shouted.

Yuki was startled by what Ryoga had said but quickly regained his composure. "I don't see how any of this is your business." He said.

"Oh, I'll make it my business, you dirty rat!" Ryoga said. He reached up and folded his umbrella as he was going to use it as a weapon.

Seeing this Yuki stepped back into a fighting stance. His brow furrowed slightly in annoyance. Ryoga lunged at him with his umbrella. Yuki blocked it with his right hand. He then spun around and swung his foot in a hook kick aimed at Ryoga's head. Ryoga ducked and the kick missed it's mark. He then smirked as threw an uppercut at Yuki. His fist hit it's market just above Yuki's elbow. The force of the blow sent Yuki stumbling backwards.

The two men stared at each other looking for an opening. "No don't fight." A voice said from a distance away. A woman came from behind and put her arms around Ryoga in an attempt to restrain him. It was at that very moment that the rain started. The very next moment Ryoga was P chan a small black pig swimming in human sized clothes.

Both Yuki and the girl were stunned by what had just happened. They stood there for a long moment trying to think of the next thing to say. "Yuki, are you all right?" The girl said.

"Don't worry I am fine Miss Honda. My shoulder hurts a bit but that is nothing that Hatori can't fix." Yuki Said.

Yuki quickly looked around and then breathed a sigh of relief that no one else saw what had just transpired. The fewer people that knew about this the better. He knew all to well himself for whenever he got to close to a woman he had a similar transformation into the form of a rat. It was the Sohma family curse which he thought was unique. So what really suprised Yuki was not that someone turned into an animal right before his eyes but that it happened to a stranger.

As much as he hated the thought Yuki knew that if at all possible P chan had to come home with him. If Akito found out that this had happened and felt that Yuki had tried to hide it, Akito's wrath would be terrible. Yuki saw Pchan smuggling against Tohru and he grimaced. This would only be for a couple of days at most and then he would be gone.

"Miss Honda I think this person needs to stay with us for a while." Yuki said. "Oh that would be great Yuki. I am sure he is really a nice person when you get to know him." Tohru said. She held P chan up and said "Wouldn't you like to come home with us?" P chan squealed with joy.

"We need to pick up his belongings first." Yuki said. He tried to pick up P chan's backpack but Tohru stopped him. "Please let me carry that. She said. "Don't worry Miss Honda I can carry this on my good shoulder." Yuki gathered P chan's clothes and stuffed them into the backpack he carried. He then lifted P chan's backpack and strained slightly under the weight. "How does guy manage to carry all of this around." He thought to himself.

With Yuki loaded down with P chan's backpack it was a long trip home. Tohru had tried to use his umbrella but that was hopeless and simply used her own to keep Yuki and herself somewhat dry. Still it was a grueling trip home. Yuki stopped to take a small break to rest and get out of the rain.

"Don't you think it is a bit weird, Yuki?" Tohru said. "What is Miss Honda?" Yuki Said. "This stranger we picked up hasn't been able to talk. I remember when you, Kyo or Shigure have your problems that you are still able to talk."

"This is very strange Miss Honda." Yuki Said "Shigure or one of the others might know something about this, so we should talk to them about it."

Yuki then lifted the backpack again, obviously tired from the trip but happy to know it would be over soon. "Let's go." He said. Tohru followed closely trying to cover him with the umbrella she carried.

When the two arrived home Tohru asked "Do you think he will be staying with us?" "I think we need to ask Shigure's permission but I don't see why not." Yuki Said. "Oh great another idiot I have to deal with." He thought to himself. However he would never say such a thing in front of Tohru.

And here is the other idiot, Yuki thought to himself as he opened the door. That idiot of course was Kyo who was sitting at the table driven indoors from the rain. "Why are you so late and what happened to your arm?" He said.

"We met someone new and he was the cause of all of this." Tohru said as she held out P chan for Kyo to see.

"Man you must be getting weak to be beaten up by a small animal. Maybe I should take you on now." Kyo said, chuckling.

"He is stronger than he looks. If he could hurt me then he would mop the floor with you." Yuki said. "By the way do you know were Shigure is?" He continued.

Kyo sneered. Yuki ways probably right and that made Kyo angrier than that phrase normally would have. He wanted to punch Yuki's lights out right then and there but Tohru would probably stop him. Besides he was injured so that fight might not count even if he was victorious. He stood up and headed for the stairs. "If you want Shigure he is in the other room finishing up with his work." He said before stomping up the stairs.

Yuki dropped the backpack and it made a considerable thud. That was two less problems to deal with, at least until dinner if Kyo was hungry enough, and he usually was.

Tohru opened the sliding door and there was Shigure, just like Kyo Said. "Oh my that was a close call, I thought Yuki and Kyo would destroy the house again." Shigure said. "What do we have here? Did you by any chance bring home dinner, Tohru?" He said.

"No he is someone Yuki and I met on the way home from school." Tohru said.

"More importantly when we first saw him he was a man. At least he was until Tohru touched him." Yuki Interjected.

Shigure was puzzled by what he had heard. "So there are more than just the thirteen of us." He said. "It seems that way." Yuki Replied.

"Anyway, he won't be turning back as long as you hold onto him, Tohru." Shigure said. Your right. Tohru said in an embarrassed epiphany and she gently set P chan on the floor.

P chan went scampering of into another room but returned as quickly as he left. He then speeded into a third room and just like before he came back. Yuki, Shigure and Tohru stared at him with an odd fascination. "Do you think he is normally like this?" Shigure said. "I honestly can't tell." Yuki Replied.

P chan ran into another room and it was what he was looking for. The Kitchen. He leaped onto to the counter just by the sink and turned the hot water on with his mouth.

Tohru ran after him just to make sure he would be all right. She did not expect to see a naked man in the sink. But this is what she saw.

Tohru Blushed and then covered her eyes as she backed out of the Kitchen. Had she been any other girl she would have probably screamed but due to her unusual life with the Sohma's she was almost used to this sort of occurance. Almost.

Ryoga on the other hand was not used to this sort of situation. Sure had to deal with having to turn into a pig from time to time but usually whenever he turned back into a man there were no girls around. Except for occasionally Ranma but he wasn't really a girl so that didn't count.

Yuki looked in the kitchen to see what had startled Tohru. Averting his eyes he said "Shigure, he's back to his normal form. Could you please get his clothes, they are in the backpack by the door."

Shigure walked over to the outside door and opened the unfamiliar backpack. Located at the top of the contents were a set of slightly wet clothes. He grabbed them and then walked to the kitchen door and set them neatly on the floor right by the door.

"After he gets dressed maybe we can find out who this man is." Shigure said.

The door to the kitchen opened and Ryoga cautiously walked out.

"Hello I am Tohru Honda, and this Yuki and Shigure Sohma. We are very pleased to meet you." Tohru Said.

"H Hi, My name is Ryoga Hibiki." Ryoga Said blushing and scratching the back of his head.

Tohru, It is about time for dinner could you prepare enough for five tonight?" Shigure asked. "Sure" Tohru replied as she headed for the kitchen door.

"I have to be getting back to the Tendo dojo so I will have to turn down your hospitality." Ryoga said.

"It would be best if you stayed with us a few days at least. There are some people I know who would be very interested in you." Shigure said.

Tohru's head poked through the open door. "So your not staying?" She said.

Ryoga Blushed again. "I guess I can stay for a little while." He said as he looked at the floor.

Yuki Said nothing. Inwardly he was a bit angry for having to live with the idiot who attacked him. Tohru was entirely too nice to everybody and he looks like he is infatuated with her, he thought. Then again he couldn't blame her for after all Tohru was a nice girl.

End Chapter 1.

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