Fan Fiction: Ryoga's Travels Chapter 2 Bunny hops and logic leaps

Ryoga's Travels Chapter 2 Bunny hops and logic leaps

Ryoga's Travels Chapter 2 Bunny hops and logic leaps

"You know the school frowns on people taking visitors so why is he coming with us?" Yuki asked.

"I have a very important meeting with the publishers today so I can't very well take him along with me." Shigure replied. He was wearing a suit today which was unusual, and it also meant that he was probably telling the truth about the meeting being important.

"And trying to have him find his own way to the main house would be a bit of a lost cause." He continued. Shigure was right there. They had found out about Ryoga's famous sense of direction or rather his lack of it when he tried to find the bathroom last night.

"Besides you need to have Hatori check that arm of yours." Shigure said drawing attention to Yuki's arm which was in a sling.

I guess your right." Yuki Said. He opened the door to see Tohru, Kyo and Ryoga waiting for him. Shigure followed him.

"Ryoga remember it is very important for you to remember that no one and I mean no one, is to find out about the curse we all have." Shigure said.

"I understand." Ryoga Replied. That's right. I need to make sure that I don't get wet in front anybody, Ryoga thought. I also have to remember to let Yuki or Kyo get wet either.

Of course Ryoga had seen Yuki get wet. They both got caught in the same rain that turn him into P chan when they first met. Yuki, deriving his curse from being a member of the Sohma family as opposed to the springs of Jusenkyo didn't transfrom into a rat whenever cold water touched his body. This fact eluded Ryoga's mind. Yuki on the other had seen Tohru touch Ryoga just before he transformed so the idea that water would cause someone's animal curse to activate never crossed his mind.

As the four of them walked to school Yuki noticed it was quieter than usual. Ryoga was well mannered ever since he transformed back into a human yesterday. He also notice Kyo was happy for some reason and so he wasn't his usual argumentative self. Something about that disturbed Yuki.

As they approached the school Yuki ran a couple of steps ahead of the others and said. "I need to talk to the teachers about Ryoga's visit so I will meet all of you later in class." before making a brisk but controlled jog into the building.

"Yuki is on the school council out of all of us it is best for him to talk to the teachers." Tohru Said. "That's really nice of him." Ryoga Said. "It's too bad that both of you got off on the wrong foot since I think you two would make great friends." Tohru said. Kyo sneered at the thought but did so out of Tohru's range of vision.

When the three got to the classroom there were a few students already there including Tohru's best friends Uo and Hana. Uo greeted Tohru with a vigorous wave. Tohru did the same. "Who are those people?" Ryoga asked.

"These are my friends. Their names are Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima, but I call them Uo and Hana." Tohru said. "Hi there, what's your name?." Uo said to Ryoga. "Hello my name is Ryoga." Ryoga Replied.

Hana stepped uncomfortably close to Ryoga and stared him right in the eye. She then knelt slightly to look at him from a different angle and raised her hand to her chin. Ryoga was unnerved by all of this but said nothing.

Hana stepped back and said "Your new friend has a very interesting set of electric waves. I can't put my finger on it but they are oddly similar to Yuki and Kyo's. Could he be related to them in some way?"

"I am not completely sure but I think he might be a distant relative of theirs." Tohru said with tinge of embarrassment. "Yeah, a distant relative." Ryoga said. "Well isn't that interesting to know?" Hana said. She was fairly sure that the two might be weren't telling the entire truth but it was Tohru so it couldn't have been malicious.

Just then Yuki appeared at the door and Gestured for Ryoga to come to him. Ryoga complied. Outside was the homeroom teacher. "So you're the guest Yuki was talking about." He said. "Yes I am." Ryoga replied. "There is an empty seat near the back, and you can sit there for today." The teacher said. "Now wait out in the hall for a couple of minutes and I will Introduce you." He continued.

The teacher and Yuki stepped into the classroom leaving Ryoga outside while the rest of students gradually filed into the room. Ryoga stood there silently feeling a bit guilty. I guess I might have misjudged Yuki, he thought.

I few minutes later the school bell rang and shortly after that the teacher called Ryoga inside. He walked through the door and stood next to the teacher. "Class this is Ryoga Hibiki. He is here today as a guest of Yuki's so please treat him courteously. At the sound of the teacher's words a few of the girls were subtlety jolted from non attention. "So Ryoga how are you related to Yuki?" One of them asked. "Well, let's just say I am a distant relative of his." Ryoga said.

The teacher showed Ryoga his seat and class began. Although Tohru or Kyo would have said that the school day progressed in a normal and uninteresting fashion the same couldn't be said of Ryoga. Due to his abominable sense of direction he didn't go to school all that often. The words of the teachers fascinated and confused him as they talked about things that he could barely comprehend.

This particular school day was different for Yuki as well. With his injured arm the prince Yuki fan club was doting on him like a mother hen. Whenever he was asked about his injury he said it was an accident. Although the thought vicarious revenge through the fan club crossed Yuki's mind that would have led to the possibility that one of them would get too close Ryoga and trigger his curse.

At lunch time Yuki deftly tore himself free of the fan club girls and headed for the door. He gestured for Ryoga to follow him. "There is someone I would like you to meet." Yuki said when the two got outside. Then Yuki sigh in relief as he saw someone skip down the hall. Exactly who I was looking for, he thought.

Ryoga at first paid no attention to the girl. That changed when he noticed it was in fact a boy in a girl's uniform. This intrigued him. Could this unfortunate person be a girl who had fallen into the spring of the drowned boy? If so I could ask him, or rather her it's location and then I could be cured! Ryoga thought to himself, a grin coming to his face.

So Yuki does this person have the same, you know, problem that we do?" Ryoga Whispered. "Why yes he does. How did you figure that out?" Yuki said.

"Hey Yuki what you talking about?" The boy asked.

"Oh, Hello Momiji." Yuki said. "Ryoga let me introduce you to Momiji Sohma." He continued. "Hello nice to meet you." Momiji chimed in.

"Hello my name is Ryoga." Ryoga said.

"Oh Yuki, what happened to your arm?" Momiji asked.

"An accident, Momiji can I ask a favor of you?" Yuki Asked.

"You want me to tell Hori to come by your place later, right?" Momiji said.

"Yes well that is part of it, could you also take Ryoga to the main house after school, he is a special person in the same way we are." Yuki said.

"Oh that's right you don't like going to the main house do you?" Momiji said.

"That doesn't sound good, what is wrong with the main house?" Ryoga asked.

"There is nothing wrong with the main house per say it is just there are a few people there that Yuki doesn't like." Momiji said.

"If that is the case I guess there should be no problem in me going." Ryoga said. Something about the main house bothered him but still it was an opportunity find out about Momiji and he wouldn't pass that up. Besides he was able to defeat Yuki so he wondered if anybody in the main house would be a decent match for him.

"That sounds good, I have no problem taking you home after school, I just want to ask one small favor." Momiji said.

"And what would that be?" Yuki asked.

"Oh the favor isn't from you, I was going to ask Tohru to come visit me after school." Momiji said with his hand on the door.

"If that is all you are asking for that should be no problem at all." Yuki Said.

End of chapter 2

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