Fan Fiction: Legend Of Zelda and the Echoing Forest

Legend Of Zelda and the Echoing Forest

Legend Of Zelda and the Echoing Forest Chapter 1: Beginings Part 1

For three days now, the sun had stayed at the horizon. The towns folk wouldn't even know time had past, if not for the giant clock tower in the middle of town. The same could be said for "Princess Zelda", who was on the balcony of her bedroom, surveying all of Hyrule. She could feel an evil wind blowing, and it was heading her way. Something deep dark and without mercy was coming towards her kingdom, and she feared there was nothing to be done but wait for the destruction of all she loved.

"Impa!" Zelda called out to her bodyguard and tutor. A job title earned by only the best of the Hyrulian knights.

"Yes, my princess." Impa replied.

"I'd like to visit the royal library." Zelda began, "I fear something evil is heading this way, and I must find some way of stopping it."

"I understand your feelings, my princess." Impa said, "There is much talk in town that the end of the world is nigh. But should something appear that threatens this kingdom, weather it man or will have to deal with me, and the entire Hyrulain army. A fate far worse then death."

Zelda couldn't help but smile at her bodyguards enthusiasm. For Zelda knew that until no breath lied within Impa, she would continue fighting for what was right. But Zelda worried about much more then the sun, or evil. Around the same time that the sun stopped revolving, a golden triangle appeared on Zelda's right hand.....a secret that Zelda told no one.

"I thank you for your words, Impa. For it quells the ache in my heart. But I must continue on to the library, where many old books are stored......and one of them MUST hold a clue as to what is happening to our world."

"As you wish." Impa said, while bowing her head. "Please follow me."

Zelda hurried to Impa's side, so that they could retrieve the information that much quicker. If there was one thing Zelda knew, it was that: Time was running out!

To Be Continued.

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