Fan Fiction: Ryoga's travels chapter 3 Refusal and acceptance

Ryoga's travels chapter 3 Refusal and acceptance

Ryoga's travels chapter 3 Refusal and acceptance

Momiji's brow furrowed as he tried to think of something to say. He hadn't seen Tohru in a while and there was Ryoga who he just met so there should have been a ton of things to talk about. Yet somehow the conversation had died while the three of them were walking to the Sohma house after school. His eyes lit up as he thought of another topic.

"So what animal do you turn into Ryoga?" Momiji asked.

"Well I.." Ryoga said.

"Oooh, let me guess you turn into a cow." Momiji Said.

Ryoga looked puzzled. "No I turn into a pig. Why would you think I turn into a cow?" He asked.

"You are a calm guy right now but you fought Yuki at the drop of a hat when you met him and you also have a lousy sense of direction, you remind me of someone I know." Momiji said.

"You mean Hatsuharu?" Tohru said.

"He sounds like a nice guy, I would like to meet him." Ryoga said.

"That probably wouldn't be a good idea. If he finds out what you did to Yuki he would probably go black and attack you." Momiji said.

"Go black?" Ryoga asked.

"Haru has mood swings, most of the time he is peaceful and we call that white Haru. But sometimes his temper flares and that's black Haru. Momiji explained.

"So is this Haru guy strong?" Ryoga asked.

"I don't know exactly. He has been training in martial arts for a while." Tohru said. "I saw him fight once and he was about as strong as Kyo." She continued.

"I just remembered." Ryoga said. How long do you think my business at this main house will take?" He asked.

"I honestly don't know." Momiji said. "It depends on Akito's mood. Why do you ask?" He said.

"I promised Kyo that I would train with him when I get back." Ryoga said.

Walking along the three of them came upon a wall and a gate.

"It looks like we're here now." Momiji said.

What's here?' Ryoga asked.

This is the main Sohma house. Come inside everybody." Momiji Said. He pushed a button by the side of the gate. "This is Momiji. Brought some guests with me." He said into a screen. The a mechanism whirred as the gate opened.

Ryoga was taken aback by the size of the complex. "How many people live here?" He asked.

"Everyone in the Sohma clan except for Yuki, Kyo and Shigure." There are thirteen members with the curse as well as their families and servants." He said. He put his hand to his chin and looked up. "Actually I think it's fourteen members now that your here." He said.

"That's a lot of people." Ryoga said.

"Yes the Sohma family is very big. We have been that way for generations." Momiji said. In fact we are going to my house to drop off Tohru before we see Akito." He continued.

"You have your own house?" Ryoga said with a suprised look on his face.

"Ja, I do." Momiji said. "Due to some, family complications, I live by myself." Momiji said with hint of sorrow in his voice. "But that isn't important. Let's see Akito and once that is over with we can have some fun." He continued.

As the three were walking Momiji stopped at a small Japanese style building. "This is the place." He said as he opened the door. "Tohru I am sorry but can I ask you to stay here while Ryoga and I meet Akito?" He asked.

"Don't about that at all. I will be fine here." Tohru said. "Is it okay if I make some tea while the two of you visit Akito?" She asked.

"Of course it is, Tohru." Momiji said.

"It should be ready by the time the two of you come back." Tohru said.

"That sounds sehr gut . I will try not to take long." Momiji said with a broad smile on his face.

Momiji stepped out of the house with Ryoga close behind him. Ryoga was still bewildered by the size of the Sohma family complex. Even if his sense of direction wasn't worse than useless he would have still probably gotten lost there.

"So are we going to Akito's place now?" Ryoga asked.

"Nein. We have to make a small stop at Hori's place first. He is the Sohma family doctor." Momiji Said.

"So why doesn't Yuki come her himself?" Ryoga asked.

"Yuki has some problems with some of the members of the family. It's too bad though, I would like to see more of him." Momiji Said.

"What sort of problems? Ryoga asked. "It must be bad if it worse than living with Kyo." He continued.

"So after one night you saw that too?" Momiji said. "Yuki and Kyo have always been fighting, it is something that Yuki is probably used to." He continued. "Here we are! Momiji joyfully exclaimed.

"So this is Hori's house?" Ryoga asked.

"His real name Hatori but I call him Hori." Momiji said with a slight giggle. "But yes this is his house." He said. Momiji ran up to the door and opened it. "Hori, Hori are you there?" He asked.

A man who was sitting at a desk turned around to meet his visitor. "Why hello Momiji, what is it?" Hatori asked.

"Yuki told me to tell you that he is injured." Momiji Said.

"Shigure called me earlier today about that, isn't he supposed to be with you?" Hatori asked.

"Yuki told me at school today to ask you to come to Shigure's house instead." Momiji said.

"That isn't suprising. Well I have no other business today so I will be off." Hatori said as he stood up. His one good eye stared right at Ryoga for an instant. "Are you the new guest that Shigure was talking about?" Hatori asked.

"I think I am, after all I stayed at Shigure's house yesterday and I am here at his request." Ryoga said.

"Is that so? Then I welcome you to the Sohma family." He said.

"I am going to join the Sohma family?" Ryoga asked.

"That really depends on what Akito thinks of the whole thing but I imagine that you probably will, after all you do turn into a pig." Hatori said.

"I do but does that mean I have to join your family?" Ryoga asked. After all Ranma, his dad, and those two at the Chinese restaurant also change shape when they get wet but do they have to join some weird family? Ryoga thought to himself.

"At least just talk to Akito. That will sort things out somewhat" Hatori said. Well unless you have any other business I will be off." He said as he put on his jacket and gathered his medical supplies.

Momiji and Ryoga stepped outside of Hatori's house. "So who is this Akito?" Ryoga asked.

"He is the head of the Sohma house." Momiji said, his trademark glee draining from his face.

"This Akito doesn't really sound like a nice guy, does he?" Ryoga said.

"But I guess you will have to meet with him anyway." Momiji Replied.

Momiji and Ryoga then with a hint of reluctance headed off to the main house.

As another unfamiliar building came into view Ryoga saw a large window with a willowy figure in a kimono staring outside. He didn't notice one person of to the side.

"Guten tag her Gartener." Momiji said.

"Hello Momiji." The gardener said. However as he said it he turned without thinking about the running hose he was holding. The stream of water coming from the hose hit Ryoga turning him into P chan and clipped Momiji. Had Ryoga not been swimming in his own clothing he would have clearly seen that nothing had happened to Momiji other than getting slightly wet.

"Momiji! Come here!" The figure in the window yelled.

"Yes, Akito." Momiji said. He turned to look at P chan but found a small black pig in writhing in his own clothes. Momiji stooped to try to pick up P chan but stopped.

"Now! And leave the pig!" Akito yelled.

Momiji ran off in the direction of Akito leaving P chan all by himself. He quickly got inside the main house in hopes of lessening the terrible wrath of Akito.

"So is that the supposedly new Sohma that Shigure was talking about?" Aktio said with a sneer.

"Y Yes." Momiji Said.

"Does that thing look like a Sohma?" Akito said.

"I think so. He did just turn into a pig right before your eyes." Momiji said.

Akito picked up a glass of water and splashed it's contents onto Momiji. "Let me ask you one question, did you just turn into a rabbit?" Akito asked.

"N No." Momiji said.

"Then that person you were talking with wasn't a member of the zodiac." Akito said. "One more question, does that person know about the curse?" Akito asked.

"Yes." Momiji said, knowing that despite it being the truth it was very possibly the worst answer he could give.

Akito's already present anger exploded at the word. "Are you stupid? Did you forget everything about how you are not to let anybody know about the Sohma Curse? Akito Asked Rhetorically. "Servant! Fetch me Hatori." Aktio said.

"Um Akito, I was just speaking to Hori and he just left." Momiji said.

"Fine I will have him deal with that person later. Leave." Akito said. Momiji With a mixture of fear and gladness Momiji complied.

"Meanwhile Tohru was at Momiji's house fixing some tea when she heard a knock at the door. "Momiji are you there?" a somewhat familiar feminine voice asked. "Oh no what should I do?" Tohru said to herself. "I will answer the door, after all Momiji should be back soon." She continued. Tohru opened the front door.

"What are you doing here, Tohru?" Kagura asked.

"Momiji invited me over, he should be back soon." Tohru said. At that moment they heard a loud clank emanating from the kitchen. "What was that?" Tohru asked as she turned to find the cause of the noise.

"Hello Momiji." Kagura said. "Here is the book you lent me, it was very interesting." She said.

"Your… welcome Kagura." Momiji panted looking out of breath. "Have either of you seen Ryoga? I lost him just in front of the main house. We have to look for him." He continued.

"Are you looking for me?" A voice from the kitchen said.

"Yes I was." Momiji said with a puzzled look on his face. "How did you get there? And how did you get your clothes?" He asked.

" I get lost easily so I just wound up here after I lost sight of you." Ryoga said.

Tohru peered into the kitchen. "Oh no the tea is ruined." She said.

"Yeah I am sorry about that." Ryoga said.

"Don't worry Tohru. It is just some spilt water." Momiji said as he picked up a towel to clean the mess.

"I don't mean to be rude but who is this person?" Kagura asked.

"This is Ryoga Hibiki. He is staying at Shigure's house for the time being. You wouldn't know just by looking but he turns into a pig just like you do." Tohru said.

Kagura thought a moment and then a fiendish gear in her head clicked she smiled. "Tohru I have a little favor to ask of you." She said.

"What is it, Kagura?" Tohru asked.

"Tohru, tomorrow is Sunday. I have four tickets to go to an amusement park, could you come with me?" Kagura asked.

"Oh that sounds wonderful. Tohru said. "Can I ask who is coming with us?" She asked.

"I was thinking you would ask Kyo to go with you." Kagura said. "As for me.." She continued.

Tohru was puzzled by Kagura's statement. Wasn't she practically obsessed with Kyo?

"Ryoga, I have a spare ticket to an amusement park, would you like to come with me?" Kagura asked.

Kagura was a cute girl and all so she would have no problem having a guy accept an offer to go on a date with her. With a romantic klutz like Ryoga it was pathetically easy. He mumbled for a short while until something that sounded like a "Yes" came out of his mouth.

End chapter 3

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