Fan Fiction: Legend of Zelda and the Echoing ForestChapter 1: Beginnings Part 2

Legend of Zelda and the Echoing ForestChapter 1: Beginnings Part 2

Legend of Zelda and the Echoing Forest Chapter 1: Beginnings Part 2

The moon shined brightly on the sand dunes of "Sol'trey", high above the sky. An army was scouring these treacherous lands, in search of something. Something their leader-Ganondorf-said would bring them power beyond their dreams, to those who did not stand against him.

"Here!" the mighty Ganondorf called out to his troops. "We shall stop at this very spot."

"But my liege, there's nothing here." The second in command-Toful shouted out.

"Do not attack my intelligence again, Toful." Ganondorf snarled, "Or it will be your last." Getting off his horse, Ganondorf made his way into the center of the empty sands. He reached both arms outwards pointing them towards the sky. He then began to mumble a chant over and over again. Until he quickly brought both arms down to their opposite sides, making an invisible X. For several moments no sound could be heard. Some men behind Ganondorf started to whisper ideas of insanity from their leader. That is...until the ground below them started to shake, and a very small object was appearing from the center of the sand where Ganondorf had been standing. But this very small object soon turned into a gigantic castle, standing at least 650 feet into the air.

"Finally! I've found you!" Ganondorf cried. "Now nothing shall stand in my way!" Turning to his men, Ganondorf said "I shall be back before sunrise. Let any man perish by my sword, should he leave before then." And with a quick turn of his boot, Ganondorf was inside this mysterious castle.

The night was a long and hard one for Ganondorf's men. The sun was nearly up, and most had already set their minds to run. But before they could, the castle doors swung open, and the dark figure-who's only features visible were that of it's red piercing eyes-appeared in the door way. Toful was the first to recognize his lord and master, Ganondorf.

"My Lord." Toful said, while bending down on one knee. "Your army has awaited your safe return."

"Good.....then is every man ready for their gift I promised?" Ganondorf said.

"They are my liege; but some men question why they're not good enough already?"

"Because Toful, an army of goodie-goodie knights is nothing..." Ganondorf raised his left hand, and a purple light came forth changing all of his men into that of monsters "...Against an army of the damned!"

To be Continued

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