Print Review: Absolute Boyfriend volumes 1-3

Absolute Boyfriend volumes 1-3

Absolute Boyfriend volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Men and Women are equal. If you read shojo manga long enough you will probably find a reversed gender example of every strange fetish that you see in guys fan service manga.

Riko Izawa was a girl who had the worst luck with men. One day she ran into a strange salesman who offered her a deal on a special website. When she goes there she finds and orders something called a Night Lover. Much to her surpise one day Riko finds a naked android (called a figure) on her doorstep. When she activates the figure with a kiss she finds out that it is Night, the one taht she ordered. While Night may be the perfect boyfriend he comes with a far less than perfect price tag which is just one of the many problems that come with such a relationship.

The usual shojo manga is usually a romance story and those stories always have handsome men known as bishonen. Absolute Boyfriend is one of those stories. I found this story to be a pretty good one as the character dynamics between Riko and Night are a bit different than those in most Shojo manga. This is especially true of the first two volumes while volume three starts to spin it's wheels when Night starts to ask Riko for sexs. The is created by Yuu Watase which means that the artwork is well done even if Night does kind of look like the male lead in all of her other works. Overall I found this to be a decent but not an outstanding one.

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