Print Review: Sand Land Volume 1 (complete)

Sand Land Volume 1 (complete)

Review Sand Land volume 1 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Sometimes you want to read an action story that doesn’t go on forever. Those times you should pick up the manga Sand Land.

The wars of humans have devastated the world leaving only a desert called Sand Land safe to live in. The one river that supported the land dried up leaving only the king with his overpriced water the only source of life for the people. In response to this dire situation Sheriff Rao decided to employ the help of the demon prince Beelzubub to help him find what he thinks is a phantom lake that lies to the south. Even though this looks like a simple adventure there is more to it a (and to Sheriff Rao) than meets the eye.

Sand Land is a short manga series by the famous manga creator Akira Toriyama which says two important things. The first is that despite what you think about Dragon Ball this manga proves that he can create a concise action story that doesn't even feel all that rushed. The second is that this manga contains some of the cartoony but charming character designs that he is known for. I found this to be a nice example of the shonen adventure genre that manages to overcome one of the main complaints of the genre, namely that the story seems to go on forever.

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