Print Review: Fujoshi Rumi volumes 1-2

Fujoshi Rumi volumes 1-2

Review Fujoshi Rumi volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good

This story about the romance of a very delusional Otaku girl is an interesting take on the Otaku genre of manga stories and a worthwhile addition to the genre.

Takahiro Abe is a somewhat normal high school boy who has taken notice of one of his classmates, a shy girl by the name of Rumi Asai. While Rumi also likes Takahiro as well she has a bit of a problem in that she is an otaku girl and not only that a fujoshi or yaoi fan girl. This is more problematic than one would first think as even if Takahiro can eventually tolerate Rumi's hobby she still has to stop slashing Takahiro with his friends if the two are to enter a proper boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

Stories about Otaku girls are a common thing in new thing in anime and manga but finally there is a manga series that covers a topic near and dear to the hearts of real world otaku girls, yaoi or stories about romantic and sexual relationships between two men. Rumi however isn't an entirely realistic interpretation of such a girl but the exaggerations in her character are usually used to drive the comedy of this show. The manga that originally ran this story called itself shoujo manga for guys and such there is fan service in this manga that is directed towards both men and women. Still this is a decent romantic comedy that should interest those that are familiar with the otaku community.

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