Print Review: Sister Red volumes 1-2(complete)

Sister Red volumes 1-2(complete)

Review Sister Red volumes 1-2 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

I tend to enjoy longer manga than short series but this two volume horror tale is good enough that I couldnít let my prejudices get in the way of giving this a good review.

Mahiro was a girl living a normal life with her adopted sister Erika. That life was torn apart the day that she decided to take a shortcut that resulted in her being hit by a car. Mahito didnít die, at least not permanently, since she was saved by Alice who implanted her with something called the heart of scarlet. This act also heralded Mahiroís entry into the dark world of the Medians, a clan of undead immortals. The Medians are not a united group with Aliceís brother Yuri being the ringleader of a particularly troublesome group. Mahitoís sense of normality has taken a serious hit but can she recover the remaining shards of her human life?

Sister Red is a relatively short Action Horror manga. This story is somewhat different in that many of the conceits that populate modern vampire stories are present but better hand waved by making this story about a different type of undead. The pacing for this manga is very rapid but even so the story ends with a major loose thread left untied. The artwork for this manga is nicely crafted and fitís the horror genre without being too gory. The cast of this manga is reasonably compelling given the amount of time given to develop them. Overall I found Sister Red to be a good manga that doesnít require a huge commitment from readers.

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