Print Review: Amazing Agent Luna volumes 1-5 (complete)

Amazing Agent Luna volumes 1-5 (complete)

Review Amazing Agent Luna volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

This manga is a good example of what OEL manga can be with some talent behind it but even then it is only a little above average.

Luna is a teenage girl who is also a genetically enhanced secret agent working for the government. She is hot on the tail of the villainous Count Von Brucken as she tries to uncover his latest plot. Whatever the count is plotting it is going to take place at Nobel High School and so Luna on the cover of a normal high school student. We all know that High School is a rough place but can Luna not only pull this off but also foil a villainous mastermind in the process?

Amazing Agent Luna is a Cross in an Original English Language manga that mixes romance and action elements into the same story. One thing that makes this different than most manga is that for an action story with a female protagonist this manga takes a distinctly female outlook in itís handling of romantic situations and outlook of the protagonist. I found most of the elements of this manga from the story to the characters to be entertaining but not outstanding. Overall I found Amazing Agent Luna to be a worthwhile addition to a manga fanís collection.

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