Print Review: Alichino volumes 1-3

Alichino volumes 1-3

Review Alichino volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Alichino is a manga series with great artwork. As for the plot, err, it has great artwork.

There are beings known as Alichino, beings of terrible beauty that grant wishes. they search out people in the depths of despair and steal their souls. Tsurugi is not an Alichino but a man with a special power that ties his destiny to theirs. He lives with Enju and Myobi, an Alichino that does not hunt humans. Yet with his special power it wouldn't be long before an Alichino would seek him out and the cycle of tragedy would begin again.

Although Alichino is billed as a dark fantasy manga it bears little resemblance to most fantasy titles and is instead it's own animal. Also I would say that this manga has nice artwork but I am not fond of making understatements. the artwork is head and shoulders over that of most manga. Alas all is not great concerning this manga. The setting is just about nonexistant and the plot is very muddled focusing on atmosphere as opposed to coherence. This manga definitely has it's groove but not everybody will be down with it.

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