Print Review: Anne Freaks volumes 1-3

Anne Freaks volumes 1-3

Review Anne Freaks volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

As a story that nudges itself nicely between the action and drama genres it manages to get the best out of both and thus making it a good story overall.

Yuri is a young man tormented by the death of his mother that he feels responsible for. As he buries her a beautiful lady named Anna approaches him. Anna offers him a way to hide from his past in exchange for helping her take down a terrorist organization (The Kakusei group) that she wants gone. Later a third member a young man named Mitsuba joins their little group under a similar promise although in his case he wants revenge. While all of them have dark pasts with the path they have taken they almost certain to have dark futures.

To go by genre classifications Anne Freaks is a modern age action drama. What makes this manga interesting is that the story mostly focuses on relatively normal people caught up in events they can barely understand. The main difference being that Anne Freaks is not escapist by the loosest use of the term. The other characters are interesting as well especially Anna who can go from brutally torturing someone to girlish and cute in mere frames. The manga has a lot gray morality and the question of who is really right is something that is asked often but the question never intrudes on the plot. I found Anne Freaks to be an interesting read and would recommend it although not that heavily.

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