Print Review: Sorcerer Hunters volumes 1-3

Sorcerer Hunters volumes 1-3

Review Sorcerer Hunters volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Although it is a bit better than the anime series it spawn (as is most often the case) the Sorcerer Hunters manga is little more than a decent time waster.

On the continent of Spooner there are two kinds of people; sorcerers with magical power and parsoners who have none. Given the inherent the inherent differences the sorcerers are free to make the parsoners lives a living hell. The powerless do have one recourse and that is the Sorcerer hunters. Although they are not the only ones the main sorcerer hunters are Carrot Glace, his brother Marron and Tira Misu. They are out to stop evil sorcerers wherever they are although Carrot is out to hit on pretty girls wherever they are.

Sorcerer Hunters is a story that combines comedy and fan service with a dash of action. The fan service and comedy however is not the typical moe service that dominates too many shows today, making this manga a breath of fresh air to those that like sexual situations in their manga. While some stories take more than one chapter to finish the manga at this point is simply follows the exploits of the sorcerer hunters from mission to mission without any greater purpose. Overall I found Sorcerer Hunters to be a decent although not great manga series for the right crowd.

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