Print Review: Last Uniform, The

Last Uniform, The

Last Uniform, TheWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Like all genres and sub genres yuri manga and anime has it’s revolutionary works and it’s imitators. The Last Uniform is an example of the later group.

The girls dorm at Tsubakioka gakuen has a very odd rule. Even when there are spare rooms every girl has to share a room with another girl. Fuuko and Ai were getting along fairly well but how will the Arrival of a new girl, Anzu, change things? And what of the feelings that their neighbors Beniko and Tsugumi have hidden from everyone, perhaps even themselves? One thing is for certain, the halls of the Tsubakioka girl’s dorm will be abuzz with the motions of young girl’s hearts.

On the back of volume two of this manga there is a quote saying that this manga is a great place to start if you have never read yuri (lesbian) manga before. I agree with this statement although in a far more unflattering way; if you are familiar with yuri this story will appear to be cliché. As for a parental rating the manga rarely goes behind longing gazes and embarrassed half-confessions to anything more tawdry. As for other elements this is a slice of life kind of story, with nothing that far out of the ordinary happening. If there is anything that is truly a turn off it is the character designs which look kind of amateurish. Even though this is a genre that I kind of like The Last Uniform is a manga I can not recommend.

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