Anime Review: All purpose cultural cat girl Nuku Nuku

All purpose cultural cat girl Nuku Nuku

Review All purpose cultural cat girl Nuku Nuku

While on the run from his ex-wife, Kyusaku Natsume crashes his car fatally injuring his son's cat. Not wanting the cat to die he places it's brain into the experimental android he was running away with. However none of them have heard the last of the ex-wife, who is the president of Mishima industries, a maker of high tech weaponry, and she wants to get revenge and her son Ryunosuke back. Fortunately the android Nuku Nuku is very powerful herself as she is now in the middle of a very nasty custody battle (and it doesn't get much nastier than helicopters and octopus robots).

This show falls under the category of stupid entertainment. Well when the plot is a android that looks like a high school girl and has the brain of a cat fighting off whatever death machine Akiko (the angry mother/ex-wife) sends her way, expecting something philosophical is setting yourself up for disappointment. The premise is somewhat repetitive but there is only six episodes in the entire Oav so it ends before the idea is completely run into the ground.

Nuku Nuku was made over a decade ago but the animation quality holds up very well. I have tolerated much worse and I don't think you will have any complaints in this department.

To sum it up this show is stupid but still fun. This well worth viewing if only as a rental but if you have some extra money buying this is not out of the question. I give All purpose cultural cat girl Nuku Nuku a rating of good.

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