Anime Review: Ai yori aoshi

Ai yori aoshi

Review Ai yori aoshi written by Warpshadow rating good/ very good

A show that adds some worthwhile romance to the domain of fan service shows, Ai yori aoshi is a delightful show especially for the male viewer.

One day while walking to school Kaoru Hanabishi sees a woman in a kimono who is in need of help. Most notably she is looking for a man she is in love with. Kaoru is undoubtedly suprised when he finds out that she is his childhood friend Aoi and that she was looking for him. In particular Aoi was wondering why Kaoru backed out of their arranged marriage by leaving the Hanabishi clan. The two start living together in Kaoru's apartment. After some disagreements, Aoi's family agrees to let the two live together as long as their relationship is not made public.

Ai yori aoshi is one of the better shonen romance anime shows that I have seen. One big reason is that Kaoru, unlike many male characters in this type of show, has something of a personality. The relationship between the two main characters is very engaging. On the down side the show has quite a few filler episodes and side characters that make you wish they concentrated on the two main characters more. Also women may find Aoi to less than a role model when it comes to existing as someone more than Kaoru's fiancee. Even with it's faults Ai yori aoshi is an entertaining show. As Aoi herself says "I am not perfect but I hope you will accept me." I recommend that you at least try.

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