Anime Review: Voices of a distant star

Voices of a distant star

Review Voices of a distant star written by Warpshadow rating excellent

Do you have a few bucks and a spare half hour? Then I recommend that you watch Voices of a distant star. I waited too long to see this and I hope you don't make the same mistake.

Mikako and Noboru are two students who are in love. Fate, or rather an alien race called the Tarsians intervene and Mikako is called to defend the human race against them. Space is endless and the only link between the two is a cell phone. However even a signal that travels the speed of light takes longer and longer as Mikako's mission takes her further away from the earth and Noboru.

Voices of a distant star is an extraordinary one shot anime Oav. The plot and character development is ample given the short run time of the film without the feeling that time is being wasted on exposition. The visuals are rich and varied in content, ranging from downtown Japan to Outer space and even another planet. What is even more amazing is that all the animation is the work of just one man, Makoto Shinkai. In that respect I recommend this title not only because it is good to watch but it feels like you are watching a piece of anime history being made.

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