Anime Review: Banner of the stars II

Banner of the stars II

Review Banner of the stars II Written by Warpshadow rating very good/ excellent

While this may be the end of the Banner of the stars saga do not feel sad. Instead think back on the series and enjoy ten new episodes. It is more of the same stuff you have come to enjoy.

A year after operation phantom flame and the climatic battle at the aptic gate the Abh empire has commenced mop up operations under the name operation hunter. With all the planets the empire is conquering they need more ambassadors to handle all it's new territories. So Lafiel and Jinto are assigned to handle the newly conquered Lobnos system. When they arrive at Lobnos II they find that it isn't any normal planet. It is instead a prison for criminals of the united mankind. What is more is that the situation is rapidly disintegrating.

Banner of the stars II in many ways is the same as it's predecessors in terms of quality and characters. It does take a different tone as the focus is off of battle and more on negotiations. Even Spoor does some negotiations, even if it is with an enemy fleet and then it is just a ploy. All the cast is back (minus Atosuryua) and truly this is a character driven story. I do have one minor gripe and that is there is less of Lafiel in the show than I would have liked. Even with that minor quibble there is no reason that anybody who has followed the story as far as the end of Banner of the stars to not watch this.

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