Anime Review: Birth


Review Birth Written by Warpshadow rating poor/fair

I find it kind of odd to see a bad anime show or movie, especially if it is licensed in America. You wonder how could not only the people involved make it without realizing it was bad, an American company licensed it without realizing it was bad as well. The fact that Birth is been redubbed by a different company (ADV) makes me scratch my head all the more.

The planet Aqualoid is a dried out husk of it's former self. The reason is the inorganics, a race of aliens that exist only to destroy organic life (and challenge people to bike races). One day a glowing sword falls from the sky in front of a boy named Nom. The sword is special and has the power to destroy inorganics. Can Nom save the world from the inorganics with the help of his friends (a girl named Rasa, her pet yellow blob two space merchants)?

Birth is a pretty bad movie. So bad that it made me nearly fall asleep bad. While it is mostly an action movie, mostly due to lack of character development. By action I mean that most of the movie consists of an inorganic, who look like cartoony versions of Zakus from Gundam, popping out of nowhere and trying to kill the characters. While this could have been good the action sequences are watered down with insipid and unsuccessful attempts at comedy. What's more the plot is mind numbingly simple even though it strung together in a haphazard fashion. The art style is similar to the old Ralph Bakshi films but clearly not as good. Obviously I do not recommend this movie.

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