Anime Review: Yamamoto Yohko, Starship girl

Yamamoto Yohko, Starship girl

Review Yamamoto Yohko, Starship girl written by Warpshadow Rating fair/good

Yamamoto Yohko could have been an interesting show to watch but the problems with the show (mostly plot or lack of it). It reminds me of some of the old Pioneer Oav's made back in the early nineties but most of those were able to tell a compelling story. This show has the words "wasted potential" written all over it.

A thousand years into the future governments have developed an interesting way of settling conflicts. Instead of going off to war with their high tech weaponry nations settle their conflicts by having two teams of pilots settle things with a starship duel. The earth is in a bit of a jam since there pilots aren't really that good, So they turn to a secret weapon they found. That secret weapon is Yamamoto Yohko, a gaming whiz who lives in the 20th century. Now the only problem is how to convince her to go to the future.

Yamamoto Yohko is one of those Oavs that I don't really like. The concept is somewhat interesting and the main character, Yamamoto Yohko (Yes she is usually referred to by her entire name) has the makings of a great main character. Where is show really falls apart is the plot and the rest of characters. The stories are all stand alone types that are feel forced in their execution, and all for some half baked comedy. Also most of the cast is very two dimensional, largely because not enough screen time is used to flesh them out. Perhaps the only other saving grace is that you get six episodes all in one disc.

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