Anime Review: AD Police (TV)

AD Police (TV)

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Sometimes when an entire anime television show is packaged in a single container and is about the price of a normal dvd with about four episodes on it, it is a sign that it isn't a good television show. Sometimes when a spin-off of a remake is made it is a sign that it isn't a good show. In the case of AD police these signs are correct.

After the big earthquake Tokyo was Renamed Genom city, after the megacorporation that did most of the reconstruction work. Genom utilizes a new type of robot called a Voomer. Unfortunately these Voomers occasionally go berserk and as well all know berserk robots are bad. So a special police division known as the AD Police was created to handle the problem. Kenji Sasaki is a maverick cop who works for the AD Police. After his last partner gets put in the hospital a new man from Germany is assigned as Sasaki's Partner. His name is Hans Klief and it looks like the two are not going to get along very well.

There are two things that are seriously wrong with AD police. The first is that the show has trouble making up it's mind on whether it wants to be a serious police drama or an action movie. Either one of these would have been good but trying to be both ruins the whole formula of the show. Even worse is the fact that the show breaks into "maverick cop mode" and looks even dumber than most action cop movies because of the fact that our heroes are fighting an army of robots. The other is that the characters are two dimensional and uninteresting. For example Kenji is a jerk, and never really deviates from that stereotype. The other characters don't fare much better.

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