Anime Review: Angel's Egg

Angel's Egg

Review Angel's Egg Written by Warpshadow rating very good

For many people what differentiates true art from simple entertainment is that art is something that not only has a message but also something that has several messages depending on how you look at it. If this is the case for you then I can certainly say that Angel's Egg will be some of the art you crave.

A girl who lives alone carries an egg by her skin, almost like a mother carries a child. She comes arcoss a man carrying a weapon that looks like a cross. He tell her that she should break open the egg to find out what is inside. She is frightened of the man but as he followers her they begin to understand each other.

In a nutshell Angel's egg is an art movie. There are only two characters and they are never named. There is little in the way of dialogue and what is there can be interpreted several ways. Yet this is a good movie. The artwork in this movie (lead by Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy fame) is truly intricate. It is done with the old style of hand drawn animation with such flair that it gives some inclination of why older anime fans pine for days gone by. As for the plot it is very simple on the surface but is littered with small intricacies. As for a recommendation, I think it is a good movie. It is a bit hard to connect to or completely understand but it is worth at least an attempt.

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