Anime Review: Alien nine

Alien nine

Review Alien nine Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Oavs are hit or miss and unlike television shows if they are a miss you have seen the whole series anyway so there is no way to make up for your loss unless you sell the tape to a used video store. This should not be the case with Alien nine which is one of the better Oavs I have seen.

Yuri Otani doesn't like her class duties. You see she was elected by her class to fight aliens along with two other girls from other classes. She even has to wear an alien symbiote called a borg on her head. This is quite a problem since Yuri really doesn't like aliens and freezes up at the site of them. This is a real problem since not only do aliens attack on a daily basis. Yuri's fear is not only a problem because it interferes with her ability to catch aliens, it also can cause her borg to go berserk.

Alien nine is a big story that is crammed into a four episode Oav. On the plus side this leaves the story with little filler material and a lot of plot and character development. On the negative side the story moves at a very fast clip and there is a lot of hanging plot threads at the end of the show. Be forewarned Alien nine may look cute on the surface but the story is intense and somewhat disturbing. Even so I found Alien nine to be better than most Oavs and clearly worth my recommendation.

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