Anime Review: Ayane's high kick

Ayane's high kick

Review Ayane's high kick Written by Warpshadow rating fair

Sometimes a show isn't that good not because there is anything really that awful in the show it but simply because there isn't anything really good in the show either. So in the interests of you the viewer only watching good anime I can not recommend Ayane's high kick.

Ayane Mitsui is a high school student who's greatest wish is to become a professional wrestler. After failing an audition she meets a man who says he can make her a champion. The man is a bit shady as the ring he has is set up underneath the highway. The truth of the matter is that he doesn't plan on making Ayane a wrestler at all, he wants to make her a kick boxer instead. When Ayane finally finds out about this she is furious but fate and the eventual threat of expulsion keep her in the ring.

Ayane's high kick is a two part Oav. While the show isn't really horrible there is nothing of any real quality in it either. The attempts at humor are cliché at best and are not executed well. The fight scenes are decent although They lack a certain energy in them and they feel jerky in their choreography. The Oav looks like it was a pilot to a television show that was never made, meaning that the show ends in a fairly incomplete way. This the sort of thing you expect to see in the bargain bin, and I would suggest leaving it there.

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