Anime Review: Animation Runner Kuromi

Animation Runner Kuromi

Review Animation Runner Kuromi Written by Warpshadow Rating good

While it is common occurrence for American fans to wish there were more episodes of a given show it seems to be a given with Oavs directed by Akitaro Daichi. The guy has to be the Shubert of anime.

Mikako Ogura had a dream and that dream was to work in the animation business. On her first at work for Studio Petit she receives some shocking news, due to the Producer dying on the spot Mikako (dubbed Kuromi) is made the new producer. Her job is to make sure that the next episode of Time Journey is made on time. That is a big problem for her since the animation is supposed to be completed in a week and almost no work has been done. Will Kuromi be able to squeeze work out of the animators?

Animation Runner Kuromi is a short Oav that runs about forty minutes. This doesn't leave much room for more than some crazy action and a short lesson on how the animation industry works and some possible tips on how to work with people. While it isn't much the formula works for the time allotted as the jokes are funny and the character are not annoying. This something that I would recommend renting rather than buying although if it was paired with the as of yet unlicensed Second Oav episode I might change my opinion.

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