Anime Review: Wedding Peach

Wedding Peach

Review Wedding Peach Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

There is a good reason some people don't like shojo anime and magical girl shows in particular. The reason could very well be is that they saw something like Wedding Peach and thought that most shows of the genre were like it.

Momoko Hanasaki is what you would call a normal girl. She has a father, two friend and is hopelessly in love with the captain of the soccer team. One day a devil appears and tries to take the ring that Momoko's mother left her. Unwilling to give it up the devil sends it's servants to possess Momoko's friends who attack her. Help comes from an unexpected corner and angels help her transform into wedding peach. Now can wedding peach protect the power of the love wave from the forces of evil?

I don't remember the last time I saw a show as cheesy as Wedding Peach. The show contains all the magical girl tropes but doesn't really add anything more than a couple of gimmicks. For example instead of the usual magical girl transformation there are two transformations each episode. The characters feel one dimensional most of the time. Also the show has very poor internal logic. While this can be somewhat entertaining as the show feels so stupid it's funny Wedding peach takes itself seriously so the laughter can only go so far. Other than the Mst3k factor and to have proof positive that Sailor Moon isn't the worst show ever there is no reason to get Wedding Peach.

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