Anime Review: Aquarian Age

Aquarian Age

Review Aquarian Age Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

In the attempt to be cool and mysterious sometimes a show forgets that it needs to make sense otherwise it is just idiotic rambling. That is the problem with Aquarian age and no it is not a deep philosophical work. This reviewer knows them when he sees them (see my essay on Evangelion for proof that I can understand complex shows) and this show isn't one of them.

Kyouta Kamikurata is a high school student with a talent for singing. In fact he has a band with two friends of his and they hope to become famous. They do manage to get signed on with a big record company. He also has another friend Yuriko who leads a secret life. She is the Benziten of the Aria Shinki who fight a secret war fought with psychic battles consisting of five factions who have fought since time immemorial. Yuriko has another possible destiny waiting for her if she decides to take advantage of it.

If the plot explanation in the previous chapter sounded like I was talking about two very different shows then you were reading it right. Kyouta's music career and Yuriko's psychic fights are two completely different plots that connect with each other poorly. In fact the entire show is plagued by similarly horrid scripting. The plot often makes no sense and the characters are often tarnished by the poor writing. The concepts in the show do have promise but are horribly wasted. This show being based off of a trading card game there probably wasn't too much that I should have been expecting of it to begin with.

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