Anime Review: Apple seed

Apple seed

Review Apple seed Written by Warpshadow Rating good

The advance of technology has allowed anime to produce some stunning works of art. The craft of plot design is not always so fortunate since unlike animation there is no new gadget that will turn out a good story on demand.

Deunan Knute has been involved in the latest world war for some time and has gotten a reputation for being a great soldier. After a mission is she knocked out and taken to a city called Olympus. Olympus is a mechanical paradise built to prevent war using a race of created being called bionoids. There are some people who don't like the idea of the bionoids and what is worse they are the army of Olympus. Deuan and her cybernetic lover Briareos are thrown into the midst of a conflict that will decide the fate of all humanity and bioriods.

The new Apple seed movie (there was an old Oav but I never saw it) is a technical marvel full really cool CG battles and other eye candy. If the plot and characters were up to snuff this would be a great movie but, sadly they are not. The show is flat at times and confusing in others, probably the result of trying to fit the original manga into a movie framework. Even with it's warts Apple seed is still a movie with a bunch of really cool fights and that has got to be worth at least something.

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