Anime Review: Ai yori aoshi enishi

Ai yori aoshi enishi

Review Ai yori aoshi enishi Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Often times an anime show ends with a unsatisfactory ending since the manga it was based off of is still being drawn. This causes fans to yearn for a second season. In the case of Ai yori aoshi fans their wish was granted, with an even less satisfactory conclusion.

It has been two years since the fateful reunion of Kaoru and Aoi and not much has changed recently. They are still living in the same mansion with all their friends, the same as they were when we last saw them. Kaoru is now in Graduate school and is trying to figure out what he is going to do with his life. Chika has started attending the local high school and is active in the school swim. A situation like this can not last forever though as everyone will eventually have to go their separate ways.

Ai yori aoshi enishi can best be described as a collection of filler episodes. If you have seen the first season (which you need to in order to understand this show at all) you will notice that it is just a direct continuation of the last season. The show ambles along with the usual collection of bath episodes (two in a twelve episode series) and supposed character development episodes that never change anything substantial about the character in question. It would have been nice for there to be a serious advance in Kaoru's and Aoi's relationship but that did not happen. While the show isn't terrible there just isn't enough substance to it to be worthwhile to anybody but hard core fans of the first season. On the other hand if Tina is your favorite character you may want to just skip the first two volumes and pick up volume three.

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