Anime Review: Card captor Sakura

Card captor Sakura

Review Card captor Sakura Written by Warpshadow Rating very good/ excellent

When thinking about them describing CLAMP is harder than most other artists. However there is one thing that I find is almost universal in their works and that is they are good and Card captor Sakura is most definitely not an exception.

Sakura Kinomoto is a energetic and cute girl in the fourth grade. One day she hears a strange snoring noises coming from the basement. When she checks out the source of the noise (which is a book filled with cards) she accidentally spreads them across the city. Kero the newly wakened guardian of the cards tells Sakura that they are in fact magic cards called Clow cards. In order to save the town from calamity due to wild Clow cards Sakura needs to become the card captor and gather them all.

Card captor Sakura is a cut above the rest of the magical girl anime shows for several reasons. First of all the animation is well done and very cute. Just about every show in the genre tries but Card captor Sakura pulls it off like few others can. Secondly the format of the show allows for a greater variation in different episodes. In other words there still is a formula but the episodes aren't all the same. Finally the characters in the show are extremely likable. The only thing that keeps the show from a top rating is that there are a lot of episodes to wade through. Card captor Sakura is a show I would recommend to anyone.

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