Anime Review: Andoid Ana Maico 2010

Andoid Ana Maico 2010

Review Andoid Ana Maico 2010 written by Warpshadow Rating good

Not every show is a long running epic with action and drama. There are small shows that aren't that great but are still fun. An average, easy to watch show is a good description for Android Ana Maico 2010.

Like most forms of entertainment radio shows will try almost anything to get almost anything to get more listeners. The newest idea is a radio show with an android as the host. The staff is a group of talented misfits rounded up with the hope to make the show a success. With the android showing up just a few minutes before the first broadcast the hope of making it a success are slim. Can the staff pull the ratings out of the dumpster before the sponsors pull the show?

As a show that runs for only fourteen minutes an episodes Android Ana Maico doesn't have a lot of room to expand. It's a good thing that this show doesn't try to do that. With one exception all the episodes take place entirely in the broadcasting room. This is mostly a comedy show but not a really great one. The episodes are generally stand alone but flow together in interesting ways. It's enough to make the show watchable but not enough to make it worth going out of your way to see.

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