Anime Review: Battle athletes victory

Battle athletes victory

Review Battle athletes victory Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Sports anime shows are their own kind of drama. The key to any good drama is to make sure that nothing is overdone, once you start stretching belief you have lost the audience. Battle athletes victory stretches things a bit too far.

Far in the future the most important athletic title is the cosmo beauty and most famous cosmo beauty of all time is Tomoe Midoh. Akari Kanzaki may be the daughter of the athletic legend but she shares none of her mother's legendary talent. Instead she is an unconfident girl who hides in a box when things get tough. Deep down she might have what it takes to become the next cosmo beauty but she lacks the belief in herself. She does have friends that believe in her even doesn't herself.

Battle athletes is a product of Pioneer's idea to make television shows based off of Oavs that they did in the nineties, making this show a less famous cousin of shows like Tenchi Muyo. This is quite obvious from the similarities in the animation style. In terms of theme this show swings back and forth between sports drama and comedy. The plot is uneven, bobbing up and down in terms of quality. It starts out silly then grows into it's best episodes. After that it slowly peters out finishing with a story arc that comes out of nowhere. A good deal of this has to do with Akari herself as her confidence is like a yo-yo. It is a passable show one that looks like an early DVD release that is fated to obscurity.

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