Anime Review: .Hack//Sign


Review .Hack//Sign Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

The online world is an interesting one as people hide behind a mask of sorts (if you were wondering my real name isn't Warpshadow). .Hack//Sign explores this idea quite well making it an adventure show inside of a mystery.

The World is an immensely popular online RPG with over 20 million players. One of those players is Tsukasa and he has a very interesting problem, try as he might Tsukasa can not log out of the game. Tsukasa also has gained some powers which break the basic rules of the game. These special powers get him in trouble with the self appointed authorities of the world, the Crimson knights. The big question remain how did Tsukasa gain his powers and why can't he log out? Also is he the precursor to some larger mystery?

.Hack//Sign is a very deep and complex mystery story. On the down side it also has a lot of talking which slows things down considerably, especially in the first half. The show has wonderful aesthetics as not only is the show overflowing with interesting locals but the music is nice as well. The characters are presented differently than in most anime as they speak only online behind their personas in the world yet each have a real life that is only referred to indirectly. If you like complex stories then /Hack//Sign is a good anime show to watch.

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