Anime Review: Aero-Troopers


Review Aero-TroopersWritten by Warpshadowrating fair

While some of the newer American shows have some nice animation in the case of Aero-Troopers doesnít have much else

Joshua is a boy who wishes to find adventure in the skies beyond his village. Yet it is adventure who finds him when the mechanical monster Nemeclous destroys his village. Luckly for the boy he is rescued by the crew of the Aeroship who have the task of hunting Nemeclous. Joshua becomes the newest crew member aboard the ship and trains to become an Aerotrooper in order to attain the shipís shared revenge.

Aerotroopers has nice computer animation. There, it can never be said that couldnít find anything good about this movie. However there isnít anything else worth watching in Aerotroopers. The plot acts as the though the creators expected the audience to attention deficet disorder as the movie weaves about plot threads. It also has a problem with relying on stogy and overblown dialogue in a failed attempt to make the movie to sound deep or important. The characters themselves feel shallow and without any real weight or interest in them. This movie has some good ideas but fails to implement them well. This is simply a movie that really isnít worth watching.

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