Anime Review: Voogie’s Angel

Voogie’s Angel

Review Voogie’s AngelWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

One hundred years ago the earth was invaded by an alien race known only as Space Emigrants. In order to stay alive humanity fled to underwater cities at the bottom of the ocean. This is only a temporary measure as humanity can not survive for much longer in those conditions. The hope of humanity rests on the shoulders of five cybernetic warriors who were created under the angel project.

Voogie’s Angel is a three episode Oav that has a lot of area to cover. If the Oav covered the by a means other than the jerky and rushed method that it uses this would be worth watching. Instead Voogie’s Angel jumps from stale comedy to action without decent transition. The action doesn’t fare any better as the scenes feel forced and often try to interject inappropriate comedy. The characters themselves are unconvincing as the protagonists have no shred of the professionalism that trained military types that they are billed as and the villains suffer from the pointless and stupid evil disease that infects bad action shows of all mediums. What saves Voogie’s Angel from a rating of poor is the third episode when the main character’s tragic pasts are revealed. It is a disconnect from the earlier episodes but those weren’t much to disconnect from. Still this isn’t anything worth watching except for the those like me who have to watch every anime show in existence for some reason or other.

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