Anime Review: Variable Geo

Variable Geo

Review Variable GeoWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

Variable Geo is an Oav about fighting and fan service. Many shows have better fighting and better fan service and thus are better than it.

When the family restaurant business started to become unprofitable some business leaders cooked up a brilliant idea to bring back customers. The answer was a martial arts tournament to determine who was the strongest waitress. The stakes of this competition are pretty high as on one side lies not only glory but a sizable cash prize. The agony of defeat is also particularly bitter in the competition as the vanquished has to shed her clothes for all to see. Some pretty tough fighters have tossed their hat's into the ring (considering that this is a fight between waitresses) but the question remains, who will win?

Although I am not one hundred percent sure looking at the Oav it looks pretty obvious that Variable Geo was based off of a fighting video game. As such it suffers from the faults that many fighting game adaptations have; namely trying to create a plot around characters that have no personality beyond a reason to want to beat each other's faces in and win the tournament. There are some attempts at characterization but these come off as forced or simply highlighting how shallow it all really is. What makes Variable Geo different is it's reliance on fan service. Since anime in general has no shortage of that there is no special reason to watch Variable Geo at all.

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