Anime Review: Amon Saga

Amon Saga

Review Amon SagaWritten by WarpshadowRating poor/fair

Any genre has it's share of good and bad works. In other words there are good anime fantasy movies and there are movies like Amon Saga.

Somewhere in an unnamed bar is the wandering warrior Amon. In a lull between bar fights a call for new soldiers to join the imperial army of Valthus is made. The recruitment test is brutal with many participants killing each other but a lucky and skilled few including Amon pass. The empire of Valthus is one that has made many enemies with it's aggressive actions and in truth Amon is one of them as he is seeking vengeance for the sake of his mother.

Amon saga is a very simplistic Howardesque fantasy film. If you don't know what that means an easy translation would be; this movie is an hour and a half of muscle men in loincloths killing each other with swords. There is almost no character development or depth. For example the main character has a nondescript revenge motive and little else for a personality. Although there is some fairly decent ideas like a city that rides on the back of a turtle they can't really hold this movie up for long. Although Yoshitaka Amano is credited in this movie the animation vastly inferior to what he is capable of so don't take this movie as any indication of his talent. Amon Saga is just one of those movies that I would regret watching if I wasn't a reviewer.

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