Anime Review: Chance Pop Session

Chance Pop Session

Review Chance Pop SessionWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

Pop idols are often considered to be disposable and that feeling easily transfers over to

It is said that there is an angel that smiles upon those that are to become famous musicians. If so that angel has certainly smiled at Reika, the new pop idol. She has many fans but three girls in particular, Akari, Yuki and Nozomi have been inspired by her music. All three love music very much and when they hear about the music school that taught Reika to be the star she is today, they all jump at the chance. What they don't know is that their destinies are intertwined in more ways than any of them could possibly imagine.

Pop music is often accused of being inane, mindless drivel and that is a pretty fair desctiption of Chance Pop Session. While a light show about girls who want to become singers may be forgivable this show often tries to deal with serious subjects and fails to treat them with the weight that they need to be made believable. For example people's problems aren't usually solved by music videos. There are characters that do have some promise although does fall through in later volumes. The music is decent but by no mesns great, I have always felt that the characters singing the opening theme was never a good sign and this show hasn't changed my mind.

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