Anime Review: Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater

Review Buzzer BeaterWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

This has been at very least the third animated basketball production I have seen and I am noticing a trend. Aliens and basketball don't mix.

In the future an alien race known as the Goran have come to dominate Earth, in the sport of basketball. There is one man who wants to change this by forming an all human team to take on the inter-galatic league. A call for the best players on Earth goes out and some serious talent answers including Tono Hideyoshi, a young man who has his sights set on Gyuma, the star player of the inter-galatic league. The Earthlings have put up some serious talk but do they have the game to match their mouths?

In my experience the reason one watches a sports based anime show rather than simply waching a game of the sport in question is that the show can give the viewer empathy for the players of one or both teams. In the case of Buzzer Beater you just as well watch a game of basketball. The main character, Tono, never rises above the level of shonen stereotype with little to be said of the rest of the cast. The show also has trouble capturing the tension of a game of basketball; many games are blowouts that make American Olympic basketball games look close. This show hasn't gotten that much buzz (no pun intended) and for good reason.

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