Anime Review: Asemble Insert

Asemble Insert

Review Assemble InsertWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

If there is one lesson that I seem to have to keep learning it is that a lot of Oavs aren’t really all that good. Just avoid Assemble Insert and take the lesson I learned instead.

A band of criminals using powered armor who call themselves Demon Seed are rampaging throughout the city and the police and do little to stop them. In order for the police to stop Demon Seed without further tarnishing their tattered reputation the police run a talent competition to find their next champion of justice. Their winner is the clumsy and cute but super strong girl named Maron Namikaze. The question is can Maron not only fight for the justice of the city but also handle the rigors of being an idol at the same time.

Assemble Insert is an Oav of the era where Japanese companies would make an Oav out of everything and released in America in the era when they would license any Oav that they could get their hands on. As a product of that era to call Assemble Insert forgetabble would almost be something of an understatement. On top of relying on comedy that is a bit half baked the animation feels very dated and half assed. This is one Oav out of many that I simply do not recommend.

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