Anime Review: Air The Movie

Air The Movie

Review Air The MovieWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

While I Liked the television version better I canít deny that the movie version of Air is still a really good story and one that is well worth watching.

Yukito Kunisaki was a traveling performer with the power to make a doll dance. He traveled from place to place without any sense of destination until one day he came to a town. There he met a girl named Misuzu who was researching the history of the town.Misuzu was a very lonely girl who became attached to Yukito who followed her for an offer of food and shelter. In particular Misuzu was researching an old story of Princess Kana, a girl with wings who lived a very tragic life in the Heian era. What she doesn't know is that the story may mirror her future.

Air is a movie based off of a Ren ai game.What makes this movie very different from not only it's television adaptation but also almost every other Ren ai game adaptation is that this movie follows the story of just one girl, although there are occasional hints of the game's other story paths if you are familar with the franchise. This is at heart a love story but one that also one that places a good deal of attention to the familial relationship between Misuzu and her guardian Haruko which is also very rare for the genre. While this isnít my favorite movie it is one that I would recommend to most if not all anime fans.

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