Anime Review: Agent Aika

Agent Aika

Review Agent AikaWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

An overabundance of fan service usually means one thing; that underneath there isnít much of a show. Agent Aika has an overabundance of fan service.

Twenty years ago a giant disaster caused the icecaps to melt an thus sunk most of the worldís landmass underneath the ocean. While it was a great tragedy it also was a great opportunity for those brave enough to Salvage for lost treasures. Aika Sumeragi was one such adventurer. One day she received a request to gather information on a new energy source call Raggu. The mission is of course more dangerous than it looks on the surface but with her super powered bustier there is little that she canít accomplish.

Last time I checked there was about 1.3 metric tons of anime action shows, movies and Oavs out there and each one needs a hook to make them special. In the case of Agent Aika that something special is more panty shots. Seriously you can probably womenís underwear at least every minute of the show regardless of how relevant it is to the plot. The rest of the story is somewhat decent although I donít expect any viewer to find it all that memorable. There is plenty of fan service out there and much of it dresses up better shows than this so Agent Aika is something that I can not recommend.

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