Anime Review: Angelique When The Heart Awakens

Angelique When The Heart Awakens

Review Angelique When The Heart AwakensWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

Just because the story is aimed at girls doesn’t mean you can use the same story structure as a bad ren ai game adaptation for boys, fill it with bishonen and expect to make a good show.

The balance and peace of a universe is upheld by it's queen and the nine guardians who control the energies of the universe. However in the Senjuu universe the queen is near collapse and the universe is in tatters. So the guardians out a call for a girl to take the position of Etoile and restore order to the Senjuu universe. Many talented girls answer the call but the one that the guardians need may be a quiet girl named Ange who herself wonders why she is even part of the selection process.Angelique is an anime show based off of an ren ai game of the same name. What makes this show different that most of it's genre is that instead of being a story of a guy and a bunch of cute girls this is a show about a girl and a bunch of bishonen. However this difference doesn't allow it to overcome the main problem of the genre in that this is a show that glosses over the fact that this show is far to short to explore the overly large cast and the show tries to make up for that by making the cast mostly comprised by handsome men. Unless you count yourself among the shallow fan girls of the world I suggest you give this show a pass.

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