Anime Review: Agent Aika R 16 Virgin Mission

Agent Aika R 16 Virgin Mission

Review Agent Aika R 16 Virgin MissionWritten by WarpshadowRating poor

While I thought that the original Aika Oav wasn’t that good I would have never imagined that the sequel would be even worse.

Aika Sumeragi is a high school girl with a special ability, she has a license to operate submarines. One day while washing windows as part of a school punishment she is approached by one of her classmates named Eri with a job. Eri has found a special tattoo on one of her other classmates, Karen, which actually contains a code that works like a treasure map, and as an activity in the adventure club she wishes to take a bunch of students and find it. However what no one knows is that this field trip is about to become a lot more dangerous than anyone was expecting.

If you know me I usually don't have high regard for most Oavs but in the case of Aika R16 Virgin Mission they got even lower. The plot is laughable, and not in a good way, as most of the story revolves around fighting antagonists with no discernable motives and finding out a secret that could have been easily discovered by giving one of the main characters a blood test. My guess is that the creators of this Oav expect the viewer to ignore these glaring faults in favor of seeing the underwear of high school girls which is plastered shamelessly throughout the Oav. Unless you are looking for an Oav that borders on softcore porn I suggest you avoid this Oav at all costs.

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