Anime Review: Aria


Review AriaWritten by WarpshadowRating very good/ excellent

I usually donít like slice of life anime shows this much which means at least from my prospective this is a show that one should really watch one of these days.

In the future the planet Mars (which has been renamed Aqua) has been terraformed into a habitable place flowing with water. In one of the cities there a popular profession is being an undine, someone who gives tours to people while sculling a gondola on the city's streets of water. Akari is an apprentice Undine working for the Aria company under her mentor Alicia. She also trains with two other apprentices, Aika and Alice, who work for other Undine companies. This is the story of her everyday life of her and her friends.

Aria is what would be called a slice of life show or in other words one that shows the everyday live of the main character with no expectation that anything dramatic will happen. As these types of stories go Aria is a very good anime show that conveys a sense of peace and tranquility to the viewer in a way that few if any other shows can. While many shows of this type try to be cute or funny with this genre Aria is able to pull off a good show by not overdosing on either of these elements. If you are looking for an anime show that you can unwind with or simply something quiet to brighten your day I would recommend Aria, perhaps more than any of the other shows that I have seen.

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