Anime Review: Angel Links

Angel Links

Review Angel LinksWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Angel Links is by what many would call an older anime show and from my experience I would suggest that you leave it lie in the dustbin of history.

In the future space shipping lines are the prey of pirates and the police can't keep the peace everywhere. For those that can't afford expensive security companies there is a savior in the form of Angel Links, the free security company. It is headed by Meifon Li, a sixteen year old girl who is following her grandfather's last wish. She has attracted the attention of the wealthy and handsome businessman Leon Lao but is there more to him than first meets the eye?

If you don't know already Angel Links is a spin off of the anime show Outlaw Star which you should probably watch first because it explains a lot of the various trapping in the show. As for Angel Links itself the show is pretty weak. It is a thirteen episode long show that doesn't really around to it's plot until episode ten and wastes time before that with filler and weak character episodes. On top of this the artwork for this show is dodgy with character designs that can't always stay on model. Overall this is a fairly weak show that I can't really recommend.

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