Anime Review: Akane Iro Somaru Saka

Akane Iro Somaru Saka

Review Akane Iro Somaru Saka Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

Dating sim adaptations have a bit of a bad reputation; part of which comes from substandard stale shows like this one.

Junichi Nagase was a simple high school student who lived with his sister Minato while his super spy parents are away saving the world. However the parents once saved a wealthy Mr. Katagiri who in thanks agreed to have his daughter Yuuhi marry Junichi. Yuuhi disagrees with the idea and so she negotiates a deal to have her stay with Junichi for a while so she can prove that he is not worth marrying. That may not be so hard given that Junichi is socially inept but could she end up falling for him despite herself?

Akane Iro Samaru Saka is an anime show based off a dating sim and a fairly bland example of the genre. Although this show for the most part sidelines most of the datable girls in order to present a more believable love triangle it fails to use that narrative for anything other than predictable filler for most of the show. The show also has ideas Junichi's secret agent parents and whatever the strange pink haired girl (Nagomi) is planning but fails to capitalize on them. Overall unless you are the type that is willing to watch just about any dating sim type anime I suggest you avoid this show.

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